They were waiting for a chance to get away with this joke and they found it

Anonymous: "When is your next update of IHOS? I am dying to see what is next. Thank you."

It’s coming soon, in the next few days!

Orphan Black: Siobhan Sadler + tea
"I’ve got biscuits in my pockets."


get to know me meme: [3/8] friendships  meredith grey & cristina yang
She’s my person. If I murdered someone, she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor. She’s my person.

“These dorks are stupidly in love. It’s disgusting. I love it.” — Me about my otp (via wolfsban)

Last week, I may have gone too far. I’ll explain it quickly. Basically, I found out where he gets his clothes dry-cleaned. Custom ordered the same suit, made with tear-away velcro. And… you can fill in the rest.

Anonymous: "Hook is not a piece of shit because he regrets past actions and tries to better himself, CS is healthy because Hook always praises Emma, refuses to abandon her and will do anything for her, and his redemption arc is not based around just wanting Emma since he's also shown regret and a desire to change based around things unrelated to Emma (remember Ariel and how ashamed he was of how he handled that?) That, in a nutshell, is why. If you can't see it, then that's on you, not the writers/actors."





I’m just going to assume that this message is about this post. If not, feel free to correct me.

"Hook is not a piece of shit…"


Sorry, I needed a moment to laugh. Let’s continue.

"He regrets his past actions and tries to better himself…"

  1. Has he shown any remorse for making Bae grow up thinking his mother was dead? No, didn’t think so.
  2. Has he show any remorse for helping a woman abandon her son, after he himself claims to have been abandoned? Didn’t think so. 
  3. Has he shown any remorse for selling out Bae to Pan? Didn’t think so. In fact, he continues to act like he and Bae had a good relationship. What a prick.
  4. Has he shown any remorse for helping Cora? None whatsoever.
  5. Has he shown any remorse for leaving Regina to be tortured? None. And it doesn’t matter what Regina has done because she had done nothing to him directly and therefore he had no reason or right to leave her there. Does he have any morals? Like at all? Jesus.
  6. Has he shown any remorse for standing aside and letting Cora rip the hearts out of the villagers he had lived among for months? No, instead he hid under their corpses. Those people trusted him; he was the town blacksmith. But he stood aside and did nothing to stop Cora.
  7. Has he shown any remorse for leaving Emma, Snow, Mulan, and Aurora in Rumplestiltskin’s cell to die? No, it’s like the fandom and the characters have brushed that under the rug.
  8. Has he shown any remorse for trying to send Henry to New York without his mothers’ permission, even though he knew New York was dangerous and that Zelena could get there? No. He tried to act like he was being a hero. By sending a child off alone into a dangerous area. Yes, much hero, very regret, wow.
  9. Has he shown any remorse for harming Archie? Didn’t think so.
  10. Has he shown any remorse for any of the three times he tried to kill Belle? No, his apology was a joke.


The only person he has shown remorse toward is Ariel. That’s the only thing he has owned up to.

“CS is healthy because Hook always praises Emma…” So you consider it healthy for him to praise her with lies?

“Emma, you defeated Pan.” That’s a lie. Rumple killed Pan.


“Emma, you defeated Zelena.” That’s a lie. Regina defeated Zelena.


“I was there when Cora tried to rip out your heart.” Were you, Hook? Were you really?


You were unconscious, you lying piece of shit.


He “refuses to abandon her”?

Then tell me what happened here, when Hook ABANDONS Emma in the Dark One’s cell. After she begs him not to.


I couldn’t find a gif of him calling her “dried up and useless” so here’s a picture of him ABANDONING her. 


He “will do anything for her, and his redemption arc is not based around just wanting Emma…”

Oh, so you mean when he helped Charming and his redemption arc “started.” Oh wait. He did that to get Emma. And he doesn’t even deny it. 



So, is it still on me, Anon? Or is it on the writers? Is on it me that none of this has been addressed? Or is it on the writers for being lazy and whitewashing Hook rather than redeeming him? Unless you have more of a compelling argument, please stay away from my inbox. 

charmedrumbelle, it seems that someone has tried to explain why Hook is not a piece of shit. But it wasn’t compelling, so they don’t get the money…

THIS THIS THIS…!! Best post ever with the best explanation and proof why Hook is a dipshit…!

Thank you so much….!!


You are AMAZING!! I admit the actor is attractive & charming but the character is terribly written. I remember being so excited when he was first introduced but now I can’t wait for his character to be written off.